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Extruders for melt-blown fabric machine available

Extruders for melt-blown fabric machine available

April 2,2020

The extruders become extremely hot these days! Due to the increasing demands of melt-blown fabrics, more and more customers in China are looking for extruders to set up mewl-blown fabric machines. 

After COVID-19 virus break all over the world, the melt-blown fabrics in China cannot meet the requirements of high increasing face mask production, most of the fabrics are imported from abroad. But in recent days, more and more countries are locked down, so Chinese manufacturers decide to set up new machines to produce or enlarge the production capacity of melt-blown fabrics. 

As one of the leading and top manufacturers and suppliers of extruders in China, we sold out more than 60 sets of extruders within 2 days, and the demands will be still very hot in the coming 15days to 1 month!

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