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New developed 600mm PP Melt-blown fabrics production machine

New developed 600mm PP Melt-blown fabrics production machine

April 8,2020

Now the whole world is fighting with Coronavirus, the demands of masks are increasing in a fast speed, but the production capacity of melt-blown fabrics is insufficient all over the world. It is said that the required quantity of melt-blown fabrics in the world is 2000 tons/ day, but the actual capacity is 240-300tons/day nowadays. So there is still a big gap, and it is very a good chance to invest on melt-blowing machine.

Respond to customer demands, we developed the melt-blowing machine to work with customers both in China and abroad to enlarge the production capacity and win the battle with the virus.

Everyday we work till mid night to catch up with the shipment time, and machine quality and after-sale service will always be the top concerning of us no matter what happened.

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