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PE carbon spiral plastic pipe extrusion machine-Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery

PE carbon spiral plastic pipe extrusion machine-Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery

PE carbon spiral plastic pipe extrusion machine-Zhongkaida Plastic Machinery
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Update TimeJune 3,2023
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PE carbon spiral plastic pipe extrusion machine

PE carbon spiral pipe extrusion line is mainly used for the production of PE spiral pipes which are largely used as protecting sleeves of the optical cables, and are gradually applied to electricity, telecom, post service, expressway, port and some other infrastructure fields. The pipes have the advantages of high intensity, high tenancy, corrosion resistance, non-deformation, easy transportation and construction, etc, and could also be processed and bent into long pipes with various radians. Owing to the mentioned advantages, this extrusion line and its produced pipes are very popular in the clients of different fields.


● Configured single-screw extruder which is specially used for PE materials and specialized separating type mix-melting screw possesses features of high-speed extrusion and plastination, etc.

● The standard die head design has reasonable flowing path to ensure a smooth inner and outer walls of the pipes. We specially design the assembling method of the die heads as per customers requirements, which highly saves the covering space of the machine.

● Optimized design of copper spiral sizing sheath and the powerful vacuum device contribute to the high extrusion of the pipes.

● The tank is mad of stainless steel, the liquid height is automatically controlled by visible liquid level controller. The peculiar spraying nozzle brings about effective cooling and the motor ensures longitudinal movement and three-diamensional adjustment in terms of the directions of upward, downward, left and right.

● The special sizing and cooling mode enable the production line to produce pipes with diameter from 25mm to 200mm, and the speed is 0.8 to1.5m/min.

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